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Published on May 23, 2022

Whether you are clearing the house clutter or need to go on a long holiday, you will need a safe place to store your belongings. Of all options you could have, renting a self-storage will be the safest way. Take a little time to plan and organize as you pack, and the goal should be to prevent damage and pack in a way that it will be easier to find things later when you need them.

Fill the Boxes.

Fill the boxes to prevent the top or sides from crushing but don’t fill them too full this may cause them to burst. Place the heavy items at the bottom and lighter ones on top, and fill up the remaining gaps with bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or pillows.


Label Boxes

Label boxes on all sides for easy identification, it will save you time as you won’t have to open each box to find the item you are looking for. The worst thing to happen is forgetting what you put where and having to open each box to check its content. Write the content on each moving box and make sure the labels are clear and visible.


Use Transparent Plastic Boxes

To save time and space use clear plastic boxes when packing for storage. You won’t need to label the boxes since you can see through and identify the content in the box. Using plastic storage boxes of the same size will also save you space since they are designed to stack perfectly onto each other. Plastic boxes tend to damage easily, make sure you stack them according to weight heavy down first.


Pack Fragile Items Separately

Take extra care when packing fragile items by wrapping each item separately with bubble wrap. When dealing with fragile items, Padding should be the first step before you think of anything else. You should put a soft foam or a towel at the bottom of the carton and then carefully place the items protected with foam padding on each side of the carton.


Keep an Inventory

As you pack for storage, you should be making an inventory of all the items you are taking to the storage unit. It will help in keeping track of your belongings. Making inventory keeps you up to date with what you have in the storage unit and the box you kept them in, this will save you a lot of time that you would waste on looking for items when needed.


Avoid Plastic Bags

When packing for storage avoid packing in plastic bags because they trap moisture. It can be very tempting to store your belongings inside plastic bags, but these can cause harm to any item inside the bag. A plastic bag will trap moisture inside since moisture cannot get in or out. When combined with the humidity in a storage unit that does not have climate controls, you could find mildew on items that are in sealed plastic bags.


Pack Heavy Items in Small Box

Randomly packing boxes may seem like a viable option, but it can cause headaches for you down the road. Not all items are going to weigh the same. Pack heavy items such as books, into smaller boxes and lighter items into larger boxes. This will help you avoid having large, heavy boxes that are both hard to move and could break open.


Keep Your Electronics in the Same Original Box

Use the original product box for that extra protection. The original box has built-in internal supports that were specifically designed to secure and protect a particular device from impact damage, transport, and long-term warehouse storage. If you still have the original box that came with your electronic, pack it exactly the way you received it in the first place. If the box is missing make sure to get a heavy-duty carton to pack in your electronic device. Fill any empty spaces in the box with crumpled packing paper or anti-static packing peanuts and seal the boxes tightly so no dust or moisture can come in contact with your stored electronics.


Clean Before You Pack

Before you pack anything, make sure it is clean, dry, and in good shape. This will help preserve your belongings, helps combat weird smells, and keeps everything fresh longer. Take this opportunity to apply protective sprays or coating to things like leather, wood, and fabric. Wipe metal objects before storage to avoid rust and always remember to drop in two or more silica gels to absorb moisture.

Use Hanging Wardrobe Box

When packing your clothes for storage, use hanging wardrobe boxes. For a long time, clear plastic storage boxes have been the best option for storing clothes but it was never ideal for storing luxury garments. Use hanging wardrobe boxes if you want your stored clothes to be as perfect as they were stored without wrinkling or damage. Hanging wardrobe boxes are a time saver too since you only need to move your cloth from the closet straight to the boxes.

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