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Guy taking a note of Temporary storages of goods in warehouse


Looking for a Temporary storage solution? Whatever may be the reason for choosing the temporary solution. Whether you’re in between hunting houses, shifting offices, or dealing with seasonal inventory fluctuations for your business. Efficiently managing these temporary storage needs is crucial to maintain organization and ensure the safety of your belongings


  1. Assess your needs!

Begin by understanding the specific requirements of your temporary storage. Determine the quantity, size, and nature of items you need to store. This assessment will help you choose the right storage solution.


  1. Self-Storage Units: Self-storage facilities offer a range of unit sizes for short-term storage needs. These secure spaces provide protection against weather, theft, and damage. Research local options, considering factors such as location, security features, and access hours.


  1. Portable Storage Containers: Portable storage containers are an excellent choice if you prefer a more flexible approach. These containers are delivered to your location, allowing you to load your goods at your convenience. Once filled, they can be stored at a facility or transported to your desired destination.


  1. Labelling and Inventory: Properly label and create an inventory of the items you’re storing. This step streamlines the retrieval process and helps you keep track of your belongings, minimising the chances of loss or confusion.


  1. Climate-Controlled Storage: If your items are sensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations, consider opting for a climate-controlled storage unit. This type of storage ensures your goods remain in optimal condition, even during extreme weather conditions.


  1. Packaging and Protection: Use appropriate packaging materials to safeguard your items during storage. Wrap delicate items in bubble wrap, use sturdy boxes, and consider using furniture covers to prevent scratches and dust accumulation.


  1. Duration and Contracts: Determine how long you’ll need the storage space and explore the rental agreements available. Some facilities offer flexible month-to-month contracts, which are ideal for temporary storage needs.


  1. Security Measures: Choose a storage facility with robust security features, including surveillance cameras, access control, and well-lit premises. These measures contribute to the safety of your stored goods.


  1. Declutter Before Storing: Take advantage of the storage opportunity to declutter. Dispose of items you no longer need or use. This not only reduces storage costs but also makes your temporary storage more efficient.


Navigating temporary goods storage requires a balance between practicality and protection. By following these tips and exploring the storage solutions available in your area, you can ensure a smooth and organised experience while your belongings are safely stowed away.

Living in a small space in a city is very challenging, especially when it comes to locating a space for all the belongings. You can maximize your space and create a simple and organized living environment.

Use Vertical Space: Look up! Don’t forget to utilize the wall space in your place for additional storage. Install Shelves, racks, or floating cabinets to store items like books, plants, or decor.

Invest in furniture with many uses: Pick items with several uses, such as a storage ottoman or a bed with built-in drawers. You may conserve room and maintain organization by doing this.

Think Outside the Box: Look for innovative storage options, such as utilizing a pegboard to hang cooking utensils or tension rods in your wardrobe to hang shoes or scarves.

Organizers: Use drawer dividers, shelf organizers, and closet organizers to keep your items tidy and easily accessible.

Store vertically: Instead of stacking objects on top of each other, consider storing them vertically. This allows you to view and access everything more easily.

Keep things simple: Take care of what you bring inside your flat. The fewer you have, the less storage space you have. Consider giving or selling any stuff that you no longer use or require.

With these tips, you can make the most of your small apartment and create a functional and organized living space. Remember to be creative and think outside the box, and you’ll be surprised at how much storage space you can create in a small apartment

Moving to a new location may be both exhilarating and intimidating. While the thought of starting fresh in a new environment can be exhilarating, the task of packing and moving your belongings can be daunting. But worry not, as UAE Storages has covered you with their top-notch movers and packers services in Dubai.

UAE Storages is a reliable and efficient moving and packing company that offers a range of services to ensure a hassle-free relocation experience. Our team of experts is trained to handle all types of items, from delicate electronics to bulky furniture, with utmost care and precision.

With UAE Storages, you can sit back and relax while their team takes care of everything, from packing your belongings to loading them onto the truck and transporting them to your new location. We offer to unpack and rearrange to help you seamlessly settle into your new place.

But why should you choose UAE Storages over other movers and packers in Dubai? The answer is simple – our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that your items are packed and transported safely and efficiently.

Moreover, we offer affordable and transparent pricing, so you can be assured that there are no hidden costs or surprises. And if you have any queries or concerns, our customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you.

So, if you’re planning to move to a new place, look no further than UAE Storages for all your moving and packing needs. To request a free quotation or to book our services, call 058 542 7897. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

An illustration of self-storage units in Dubai

Dubai is a dynamic city with a population that is constantly expanding, which has increased demand for storage space. Traditional storage methods such as renting a larger property or office space can be expensive and impractical, which is why self-storage facilities have become increasingly popular in Dubai. Self-storage is a practical and affordable option for people and businesses who need additional storage space. Here are some of the perks of self-storage space in Dubai.

Security and Safety

The high level of security and safety offered by the facilities is one of the main benefits of self-storage in Dubai. Modern security systems like CCTV cameras, alarm systems, and gated entry ensure that possessions are safe from theft and damage. An additional layer of security is usually given by having trained security personnel watch over the facilities.

Flexibility and Convenience

Self-storage facilities in Dubai provide customers with a degree of flexibility and convenience that is unmatched by other storage options. Customers have the option of renting units for as long or as little time as required, and they have 24/7 access to their belongings. This is especially useful for those whose demands must vary, such as travellers or people who are moving. Customers can handle their storage needs even more conveniently because many self-storage facilities also include online booking and payment options.

Climate Control

Electronics, documents, and furniture can all suffer damage from Dubai’s hot and sunny atmosphere. Self-storage facilities in Dubai have climate-controlled units that manage humidity and temperature levels to keep items safe from heat and moisture. This is particularly important for businesses that need to store sensitive items or documents.

Space Optimization

To meet various needs, self-storage facilities in Dubai provide a range of unit sizes. Customers can now make the most of their space because they are only paying for what they use. To maximize the use of the available space, facilities can provide a variety of shelving and storage alternatives. Businesses that need to store inventory or equipment affordably may find this to be especially helpful.


Self-storage facilities in Dubai are affordable because they charge reasonable fees and often give discounts for long-term contracts. This makes self-storage a viable option for people who require more storage space but do not want to pay the high rent for a larger property or workplace. Additionally, self-storage facilities offer a range of payment options, including monthly and quarterly payments, making it easy for customers to manage their budgets.

Business Perks

Self-storage facilities in Dubai also offer perks for businesses. Office space, conference rooms, and postal and package handling are just a few of the amenities available. For small businesses or startups who require a professional space to hold meetings or operate from, this is very beneficial. Additionally, businesses can store goods, equipment, and data in a secure area while still having access to the amenities and services provided by the facility, making self-storage facilities a cost-effective alternative for renting a bigger office space.

In conclusion, self-storage facilities in Dubai offer numerous benefits to individuals and businesses looking for extra storage space. They offer additional benefits for businesses, like security and safety, scalability and convenience, climate management, space efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Given these benefits, it should come as no surprise that self-storage has grown to be a well-liked option in Dubai for people wishing to organize their goods, downsize, or store them while moving.

If you need extra storage space in Dubai, UAE Storages has you covered. Our hassle-free, secure, and flexible storage solutions are designed to meet your unique storage needs. With state-of-the-art security measures, climate-controlled units, and a range of unit sizes, we provide the perfect solution for individuals and businesses alike. Plus, our convenient online booking and payment options make it easy to manage your storage needs from anywhere. Contact us today to learn more about our storage solutions and start storing with confidence!

illustration of 2 people in a self-storage facility

If you’re looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to store your belongings, long-term self-storage may be the solution you need. Whether you’re downsizing, moving to a new city, or just need extra space for seasonal items or business inventory, self-storage can provide a secure and flexible storage option. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of long-term self-storage and why it can be an excellent choice for your storage needs.

Cost-Effective Storage Solution

Renting a bigger house or business space may be more expensive than long-term self-storage. For instance, you might not have enough room to store all of your belongings if you’re downsizing to a smaller house or apartment. Self-storage units can give you the room you require at a fraction of the cost of renting a larger house or office space specifically for storage.

Additionally, since facilities often offer discounts for longer rental terms, long-term self-storage may be a more cost-effective choice than short-term storage. Long-term storage costs can be decreased by committing to a long-term rental.

Flexible Rental Terms

One of the advantages of long-term self-storage is the flexible rental terms. Most of the facilities provide a range of rental options, such as monthly, quarterly, or yearly rates, allowing you to select the one that best suits your storage requirements. With this flexibility, you can also modify the length of your contract as necessary, preventing you from being shackled by a signed contract that no longer meets your needs.

Secure Storage Environment

Another benefit of long-term self-storage is the secure storage environment it provides. Modern security systems, including video surveillance, access control, and on-site management, are present in the majority of self-storage facilities. Many facilities also provide climate-controlled units that can protect your belongings from pests, humidity, and temperature changes. You can feel secure knowing that your valuables are safe and secure by keeping them in a controlled and secure environment.

Convenient Access to Your Belongings

Long-term self-storage also provides convenient access to your belongings. Most facilities have extended hours, and some even let you access your unit around the clock. This means that regardless of the time of day, whether early in the morning or late at night, you can access your belongings. Many facilities also provide online account management, allowing you to monitor your unit and make payments from the comfort of your home.

Protects Your Belongings from Damage

By storing your belongings in a self-storage unit, you can protect them from damage caused by accidents or natural disasters. For instance, you could be concerned about damage from floods, fires, or other disasters if you’re storing furniture, electronics, or other valuable items. However, most self-storage facilities have security measures in place, such as sprinkler systems and emergency management, to protect your belongings from these sorts of accidents.

Additional Space for Business Inventory

Long-term self-storage units can give you more space for storing inventory, machinery, and supplies if you own a business. If you operate a business and lack the resources for a dedicated office or warehouse, this can be extremely helpful. Utilizing self-storage for your company’s storage requirements allows you to access the space you require while cutting costs on utilities and rent.

long-term self-storage may be an affordable and practical choice for storing your belongings. You may feel secure knowing that your possessions are safe and secure owing to flexible rental terms, a secure storage facility, and easy access to them. Self-storage facilities can also give you extra space for keeping goods, machinery, and supplies if you own a business. Therefore, if you need additional storage space, think about long-term self-storage.

Looking for a secure and convenient way to store your belongings in Dubai? Look no further than UAE Storages! Our self-storage facility offers a wide range of unit sizes to fit your needs, whether you’re looking to store a few boxes or an entire household’s worth of furniture.

With 24/7 security monitoring and easy access to your unit whenever you need it, you can have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe and secure. Plus, with flexible month-to-month leasing options, you can easily adjust your storage space as your needs change.

Don’t wait – contact UAE Storages today to learn more and reserve your unit!

illustration of the self-storage unit and business inventory

Self-storage has become an increasingly popular option for businesses of all sizes, offering a range of benefits that make it a must-have for any business owner. Whether you are a small startup or a large corporation, a self-storage space can help you manage your storage needs and improve the overall efficiency of your business. In this blog, we will discuss why every business owner needs self-storage space and how it can help your business thrive.


Space management:  

Managing the space that is available to them is one of the major challenges that business owners encounter. Keeping everything organized and in order can be challenging since there are ever-increasing amounts of goods and equipment to store. Businesses that require more storage space can find it at a self-storage facility, leaving more room in their offices, warehouses, or retail locations. This can make your property safer and easier to access while also enhancing its appearance and organization.



A cost-effective way for businesses to expand their storage capacity without having to invest in a larger facility is to rent a self-storage unit. It avoids the necessity of spending a significant amount of money on upgrades or renovations to add more storage space. This can be very beneficial for small businesses with limited budgets. Additionally, self-storage facilities usually offer options for short-term rentals, allowing businesses to pay only for the space they actually use and to upgrade or downgrade as their storage requirements change.



Self-storage facilities provide a great deal of flexibility by offering business owners to choose from a selection of unit sizes to fulfill their specific needs. Whether you need to store a few boxes or a large shipment of goods, there is a unit size that will work for you. This means that businesses can make the most of their storage space and keep their costs under control, which can be especially important for businesses that are just starting out or experiencing rapid growth.



The security of your stored items is of utmost importance, and self-storage facilities take this seriously. Advanced security measures, including cameras, alarms, and restricted access controls, are typically installed in self-storage facilities to secure your belongings. Businesses that store expensive goods, sophisticated machinery, or confidential data may find this peace of mind to be of particular value.


Convenient location:

Self-storage facilities are often located in convenient locations, making it easy for businesses to access their stored items whenever they need to. This can be especially useful for businesses that require quick and easy access to their stored items. Furthermore, most of the self-storage facilities provide access to their units during extended hours, allowing you to access your belongings whenever it’s convenient for you.


Improved business operations:

A self-storage facility can help businesses run more efficiently. They can store excess inventory, seasonal products, or equipment that is not currently in use, freeing up space in their premises and making it easier to keep everything organized. This could lead to increased productivity, better client relations, and improved financial performance.


Extra storage support while relocating or upgrading:

Relocating or upgrading your business premises can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Business owners can use a self-storage facility as a temporary storage option during the transitional time. This allows them to store extra inventory, equipment, or office furniture, freeing up space in their new facilities and facilitating a faster, less stressful move.

In Summary, renting a self-storage unit comes with the advantages of flexibility, security, and convenient locations which will help the business with better space management, and cost-effective solutions. A self-storage facility can support you in managing your storage needs and increasing the overall productivity of your Business, regardless of the size of the Business. 

Are you looking for a cost-effective, secure, and convenient storage solution for your business in Dubai? Look no further than UAE Storages! Our self-storage facilities in Dubai provide a range of unit sizes to meet your specific needs, along with state-of-the-art security systems to ensure the safety of your items.

Whether you need extra storage space during a relocation or upgrade, or just need a place to store excess inventory, UAE Storages has you covered. Book your unit today and experience the benefits of hassle-free business storage solutions. Contact us now to find out more!

Storage belongings in a storage unit can be a great solution when you’re running out of space at home. But it’s important to know what items are acceptable to store and what items are not. This will ensure the safety of your belongings and protect the storage unit from damage.

UAE Storages is a self-storage and customer-centric company which strictly follows the rules and regulations, and other guidelines

List of items you can’t store in Self Storage Units

Hazardous Materials: Hazardous Materials, such as chemicals, gasoline, toxic waste, and explosives, cleaning products, firearms are not allowed in storage units. This type of Hazardous material is seriously dangerous to other people working there and other people’s stuff as well. 

Perishable Items: Perishable items, such as food and plants, are also not allowed in storage units. These items can attract pests and can cause damage to other items stored in the items.

Illegal Items: Storing illegal items, such as stolen property or drugs, in a storage unit is against the law. If the authorities find these items, They will be seized and you may face criminal charges.

Pets: Pets are not allowed in storage units. This is not only for the safety of the pet, but also to protect the unit from damage and to prevent any unpleasant odors.

Live ammunition: Live ammunition is not allowed in storage units. This is for the safety of the unit and the people around there.

List of items you can store in Self Storage Units

Furniture: Furniture is a common item stored in storage units. Whether it’s a couch, bed, or dining table, furniture can be a great item to store when you’re moving, decorating, or simply don’t have room for it in your home.

Clothing and Linens: Clothing and linens, such as sheets and towels, can be stored in a storage unit, especially if you have limited closet space. You can also use storage units to store, seasonal clothing such as winter coats and boots when you’re not using them.

Electronics: Electronics such as Televisions, Computers, and Sound Systems, can also be stored in a storage unit. Make sure to store them in a place that is not exposed to moist and extreme temperatures.

Books and Documents: Books, Magazines, and Important documents can also be stored in a storage unit. Make sure to store them in a place that is not exposed to extreme temperatures. 

Art and Collectibles: Art and Collectibles, such as paintings, sculptures, and figurines can also be stored in units. It’s important to take measures to protect items from damage, such as wrapping them in bubble wrap and storing them

It’s important to know what items are allowed and what items are not allowed in storage units. This will ensure the safety of your belongings and protect the storage unit from damage. When in Doubt, always check with the storage unit provider to see what items are acceptable for storage.

Long-term storage can be a great solution for people who need to store items that they don’t have room for in their homes or businesses. Whether you’re downsizing, moving, or just need to clear some clutter, a long-term storage unit can provide the extra space you need.
But with so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide which long-term storage solution is best for you. In this blog post, we’ll explore the different factors to consider when choosing a long-term storage unit, including location, access, safety and security, and size.

Sizes of Storage
The size of the storage unit is an important consideration when choosing a long-term storage unit. The unit should be large enough to accommodate all of the items that need to be stored, but not so large that it is unnecessarily expensive.

Storage units come in a variety of sizes, from small 5×5 units that can hold a few boxes to large 10×30 units that can hold the contents of a four-bedroom house. When determining the size of the unit needed, it’s important to consider how many items will be stored and what the size of those items is. For example, a small unit may be sufficient for storing a few boxes of personal items, but a larger unit may be needed to store furniture and appliances.

Some facilities offer the ability to rent multiple units if the renter has more items than one unit can hold, this way renters can customize the size of their storage space. Additionally, many facilities offer the ability to upgrade or downsize to a different unit if the renter’s storage needs change over time.
When choosing a storage unit, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you will be storing and how much space you will need. Many facilities have a storage calculator or a guide that can help you determine the appropriate size unit for your needs. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to overestimate the amount of space you’ll need, as it’s better to have a little extra room than not enough.

Location of facility
You might want to ensure the storage facility is near your place or office. Choose a location where you can take back your stuff easily. If this is not available then the storage company should take the stuff from your place. It is recommended to visit the facility every two to three weeks. By checking your availability and markup in the calendar to do this.

Security and Safety
When choosing a long-term storage unit, it is important to consider the unit’s accessibility. This includes factors such as the facility’s hours of operation, the availability of security features such as cameras and alarms, and the ease of getting to the unit.

Some storage facilities offer drive-up units, which allow renters to easily load and unload their items, while others may have multi-level buildings with elevators and stairwells for accessing the units.
Another important consideration when choosing a long-term storage unit is the level of security provided by the facility. Some facilities have on-site managers, security cameras, and alarms, while others may have more basic security measures in place. It is important to choose a facility that offers the level of security that is appropriate for the items being stored.

Climate-Controlled Storage Space
Climate-controlled long-term storage is an option that can provide added protection for your stored items. These types of units are kept at a consistent temperature and humidity level, which can prevent damage to sensitive items such as electronics, musical instruments, and photographs.
One of the main benefits of climate-controlled storage is that it can protect your items from extreme temperatures and humidity. Without climate control, high temperatures can cause items to warp, crack, or become infested with pests, while high humidity can lead to mold and mildew growth. Climate-controlled storage units can keep temperatures and humidity levels within a safe range, which can extend the life of your stored items.

Ease of Access
Access is an important consideration when choosing a long-term storage unit, and climate-controlled storage units are no exception. When looking for a climate-controlled unit, it’s important to consider the facility’s hours of operation and the ease of accessing your unit. Some facilities offer extended hours, while others may have limited access. It’s important to choose a facility that fits your schedule and allows you to access your unit when you need to.

Another aspect of access to consider is the location of the unit within the facility. Climate-controlled units may be located in a separate area of the facility or on a specific floor, and it’s important to consider if this location will be easily accessible for you. Some facilities offer drive-up units, which allow renters to easily load and unload their items, while others may have multi-level buildings with elevators and stairwells for accessing the units.

Whether you want to reduce the things you have or clean the place because of a festival, occasion, or function. There is always a better way to do things and keep places and stuff clean.

The proverb cleanliness leads next to godliness makes sense more in this topic. 

In this Blog, I will take you through a lot of stuff that help you declutter tips the place and keep it clean

#1  Too Much Unused Stuff

This reason looks like one of the obvious out there to declutter. If you have unused extra things like clothes, and things and you don’t have any idea what to do with them. Then hear me out and do the needful. 

There is a lot you can do with that thing such as giving away the clothes, Furniture, and items you want to be removed. 

Items to Discard or Re-Organized

  • Newspapers and Magazines
  • Small Electrical appliances and Extra Cooking Utensils
  • Expired food items, medicines, and other edible items
  • Anything other household items like furniture and Tv which can’t be repaired
  • The kitchen cabinet, living space

#2  In a Transitional Season

Life is ever-changing constantly and transitions happen all over the place, corners of your house, things, and more. Make a list of the items you want to have and want to throw or give away. 

Take one step at a time and start small by focusing on a small corner of your place. Put the things which need to be discarded in one place which later you can use to donate or give to those needy.

#3 Disorganizational System

One of the ways is a disorganized system are you basically don’t know what to do with the things you have and it’s an all mess. It all starts piling up upon one another and makes it messier. As you have addressed the problem and the solution. 

Make a store room-like place where you can keep all the items which are less used or unnecessary should be kept at one place example such as kid’s toys, Laundry bins which make sense for the people who live in the place 

#4 Nothing is Perfect

So don’t bother looking or making things perfect around you. Humans are meant to make messes and do things. Maybe you don’t have the perfect system that would help you or there is no time to clean or keep procrastinating all the time about doing things first. 

You may never have enough time for every corner of your place. It doesn’t matter just start small and make it better every step of the way.

Parked caravan in a storage facility

Those who own a caravan or RV in the city should think carefully about storing them in Dubai. It might be challenging to locate a suitable site to store your caravan while it is not in use due to the limited space and high demand for parking.  In this blog post, we will discuss some options for caravan storage in Dubai and the benefits of using a dedicated storage facility.

Utilizing a specialized storage facility is one option for putting your caravan up for storage in Dubai. The storage of RVs and caravans is the sole purpose of these facilities, which often provide several features and services to make your experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible. The following are some advantages of using a specialized storage facility:

  • 24/7 security: UAE Storages & Moving in Dubai provide 24-hour security to make sure your caravan is always safe and secure. This entails surveillance equipment like cameras, fences, and gates as well as on-site personnel to keep an eye on the building to monitor the facility and its belongings.
  • Convenience: It is simple to rent a place for your caravan in Dubai since many storage facilities provide online booking and payment alternatives. To assist you in keeping your caravan in peak condition, certain facilities also provide extra services like maintenance and cleaning.
  • Climate control: If your caravan is not well shielded from Dubai’s heat and humidity, it could suffer damage. Climate-controlled facilities are available at several storage facilities in Dubai, helping to shield your caravan from the weather.
  • Affordable prices: Storage facilities in Dubai provide a variety of price alternatives to accommodate various demands and budgets. It is worthwhile to look around for a facility that provides the features and services you require at a reasonable cost.

The facility’s location should be taken into account when seeking caravan storage in Dubai. It may be more convenient to select a storage facility close to your house or place of work if you want to use your caravan frequently or require easy accessibility to it. By doing this, you may need to spend less time and effort bringing your caravan to and from storage.

On the other side, you could be more interested in choosing a storage facility that is located away from the city if you only use your caravan occasionally or plan to park it for a long time. These facilities could provide more affordable and larger size spaces, making them a more economical choice for long-term storage.

When selecting a spot to keep your caravan, it’s crucial to take into account the location, size, and layout of the storage facility. It is important to confirm that the site has units big enough to fit your larger caravan or RV before booking. It’s a good idea to look over the facility’s layout and make sure your caravan can be moved around and accessed with ease.

Last but not least, it is a wise idea to research the standing and performance record of any storage facility you are thinking about using. Look for establishments that have a reputation for offering excellent customer service and keeping their units tidy and well-maintained. To choose a storage facility that is reputable and trustworthy, you might also wish to study reviews and consult with friends or other caravan owners for recommendations.

In conclusion, people who own a caravan or RV in the city should give caravan storage in Dubai serious consideration. You can benefit from the convenience, climate control, 24/7 security, and low costs of a specialized storage facility. When your caravan is not in use, you may have confidence that it is safe and secure with the correct storage option.

If you own a caravan or motorhome in the United Arab Emirates, it’s important to keep it stored safely and securely when you’re not using it. That’s where UAE Storages can help! Our state-of-the-art storage facilities offer the perfect solution for storing your caravan or motorhome when it’s not in use. With our 24/7 security, you can rest easy knowing that your beloved vehicle is in good hands. So why wait? Contact us today to learn more and reserve your spot in our caravan and motorhome storage facilities!