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Published on June 1, 2021

When the semester ends, a student will find themselves in a hectic situation. Most students prepare to head or go on a vacation. There can even be dorm room changes. A common problem that crops up is finding a place to store one’s belongings during the holiday. Items cannot be left unattended and need to be kept in a secure environment. Unless people plan to give up their plans and guard their things, they need to find a suitable place to keep everything temporarily. This is where self-storage units come in handy. In this article, let’s discover how to utilize this properly.

Store textbooks and other valuables

College textbooks can be costly and need to be kept in a secure environment. Space also needs to have no moisture and be pest-free so that any risk of damage will be significantly reduced. The same goes for any valuables one may have, like a personal item collection or jewellery, to name a few. 

Self-storage units are perfect for this purpose as they are temperature-controlled and have mechanisms to eliminate moisture and pests. Therefore ensuring one’s belongings are kept safe.

Store vehicles

It is not something many believe is possible. However, most facilities can accommodate vehicles in their units. It can be beneficial for students who will not be taking their car with them on holiday and need to keep them in a secure facility.

While it is possible to leave them in a parking lot, they could be at risk of theft or environmental damage. Most of the time, they may not be monitored by security 24-7, so they are in a vulnerable position. An alternative solution to storage units is paid parking lots. However, they can be very expensive and are not as secure. So self-storage facilities are an excellent choice for this purpose. It is possible to keep different kinds of vehicles, so one is not limited to just cars.

Share the unit with someone else

Storage units are like a small warehouse and can come in different sizes depending on a person’s need. The square-foot space can go from as small as 12 to as large as a thousand square feet. However, a student with a tight budget may have difficulty affording their ideal-sized unit alone. If this is the case, then they can always share the facility with a friend. Therefore, they will be able to store their belongings without having to worry about their finances. 

Check if there are special packages for students

Some facilities may be able to give students cheaper rates or a more flexible payment plan. Even if a special package is not listed on the official website, sometimes, depending on a student’s situation, some companies may be willing to amend their usual plans.  

Therefore, if a person wants to store their belongings in a storage unit at the end of the semester, it is best to pay attention to the above. Doing so will help make it possible for them to make the best use of the space.