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Published on March 1, 2021

The popularity of self-storage is growing over time with its countless benefits and features. If your home or office is running out of space or planning to renovate the place with new stuff, storage can help you free up space. This article discusses everything a beginner should know about self-storage.

What Is Self-Storage?

A secure self-store room is a space where you can store your possessions or business goods securely. You can keep your stuff on either a short or long-term basis. During this period, space becomes yours exclusively, and you have access to it with your key.

Self-storages are designed for personal, business, student storage purposes. You can choose a space depending on your requirement and the number of items/things you want to store. A wide variety of sizes are offered to select your preferred size to make it cost-efficient for users.

Choosing The Right Size

This depends on the things you want to store in your space. A fine packing is also required here to get optimal from your room. Initially, list down the items you wish to send to your storage. Categorize them accordingly if that is not going to be just a pile of books or furniture.

Once you have finalized the list, it would be much easier for you to estimate the size you may require. You can also ask help from your service storage provider to select the most suitable size to store your items. It is essential to pay attention to this selection as you may need to upgrade if you set an under-size unit and pay more unnecessarily if you purchase an oversized one.

What You Can And Cannot Store?

A storage unit can help you store almost anything and have only a few limitations. The restrictions may include perishable goods such as food items, illegal weapons, hazardous and flammable materials. Apart from these few items, you can store any item that you own, which may include and not limited to:

  • Clothes
  • Furniture
  • Books
  • Documents
  • Artwork
  • Electronics
  • Other Equipment

A Well Organized Packing

Packing can save a lot of space and also protect your items. Once you have decided on the items you will send to the storage room, pack them accordingly. Different things need to be filled in different ways, and you may check out these wrapping methods before you start it.

Take use of bubble wraps if you are packing small items in a storage box. Do not put too many things inside one box as they can cause damages. Ensure to label your items and create a list, making it easier for your future unloading.

With a secured storage supplier, your possessions will be safe, and you will have more space in your residence or workplace. If you are looking for reliable storage units in Dubai, contact us at Perfect Storages with your inquiry. We supply personal, business, and student storage facilities. You can also get customized storage facilities from us if your requirement differs from the standard options. Call us now or browse through our website to get more details on our facilities and the supplementary services we provide.