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Published on May 22, 2021

If you have extra items or do not have enough space in your house or office to keep all the belongings, opting for storage space is the best choice. Before starting your packing, it is essential to know what you can and cannot store inside a storage facility. This article will look into the dos and don’ts of self-storage for your reference.

Label Your Boxes

Before you store your items, make sure you label them. Otherwise, you will have to spend hours and hours on your storage space, unpacking all the boxes, and finding your stuff. This can lead to a mess and a lot of unnecessary work. Labeling is the best way to help to 

Do Not Store Perishable Stuff

A storage unit is not the place to store food or other perishable items. The plants, food can eventually spoil, leading to a bad smell, growth of mold, and bacteria. The causes can harm the entire space and damage your other belongings. Therefore make sure you have not put anything similar inside the boxes in the middle of packing.

Do Not Use Flammable Items

Storage companies do not allow to store flammable items as it can lead to major hazardous events. Although the storage units are made with temperature control, flammable items are prohibited for everyone’s safety. The occurrence of fire will never limit your space and cause damage to the other storage spaces, and hence you need to be extra responsible for this factor.

Smart Stacking

Organized stacking will help to get the maximum from your storage area. As a start off, you can choose a similar size of boxes for intelligent stacking. The method will ensure that you do not waste any space. Also, put heavy ones at the bottom and lightweight containers on top. This will make it easy to use them and cause less hassle in unpacking.

Frequently Used Item At Front

Store your most frequently used items in the front area of your storage unit. This will help to access things easily and quickly. You will not have to take out all the boxes to get a small item and spend hours taking out and placing them back. You may also need to rearrange the order every year with seasonal clothing and other accessories.

Do Not Climb On Boxes

If you need to reach a box in up, you may think to hop into another box and open it or get it, as most of us do at home. However, this is not a good idea to follow in your storage space. This is because the boxes may not withstand your weight, and you will fall, getting injured by yourself, and damaging your valuable possessions. You can use a stepladder or a full ladder from your storage company and use it to reach your items securely.

Do Not Use Plastic Wrapping

Most people use plastic to wrap things and think it is the best choice to keep their items safe. However, this is far from the truth, and it can cause mold growth over time. This is because the plastic wraps can save whatever inside them, including dust and moisture, in the time of packing. Over time, this can get condensed and turn into molds. Hence it is best to recommend not to use plastics to wrap your items.

Now that you know the essential dos and don’ts of storing space, you can start using self-storage more efficiently. At UAE storages, you can get storage spaces in Dubai for individual, business, or student purposes. Our delivery service will ensure a hassle-free transport of your belongings from your premises to storage space. Contact us now to get complete details on our services.