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Published on October 1, 2021

The winter season in Dubai is considered one of the most hectic periods of the year. Unlike cities located in the northern hemisphere, winter in Dubai entails pleasant weather, with temperatures generally below 22°C. This leads to increased outdoor activities and excursions. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are also present in this period, so the likelihood of guests visiting your home is high. Before winter is upon you, it is necessary to be prepared. Your home has to be organized and ready. This article will explore five steps you can use to ensure the process will be straightforward and uncomplicated. 

Sort the logistics 

Before you begin cleaning, you need to have your logistics sorted. You need to have everything required during the organizing process prepared and ready to go. You will need to purchase packing supplies, cleaning tools, and storage bins. It is also important to hire movers in Dubai early if you require their services to avoid difficulties.

Start cleaning rooms one by one

When you begin organizing your home, you need to approach it one room at a time. Attempting to clean all the rooms at once is not only stressful but can also make the process more complicated than it should be. While organizing the space, make sure to sort the items into three categories as you go along: things you need during the winter season, what you do not require, and objects that have to be discarded. You need to keep what is necessary during winter and send the remainder to a storage unit and thrift shop. 

Pack items correctly before sending them to a storage unit

Storage facilities in Dubai are beneficial as they provide a space to keep your belongings. However, it is also necessary to pack the items correctly before they are placed in the unit to ensure their safety and help make it easier to retrieve the contents. Make sure to use ample bubble wrap around fragile and bulky things before they are stored. 

Clean and disinfect the items you will need

The items you will need during winter have to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to be hygienic and safe to use. Instead of doing this when they are to be used, you can save time and effort by sanitizing them ahead of time. This can be particularly useful with cutlery and items you will need during festivities, as it can be difficult to clean them when you have other chores. 

Arrange items based on convenience

The final step is important to ensure that you can navigate your home easily during the hectic winter season. You need to arrange all your belongings and the items you will need based on convenience and ease of access. Keep the things you will need more frequently in spaces that are easier to reach. For example, move winter clothes toward the front of your wardrobe so that you can take them out quickly. Decorations and tools needed for any festivities should also be brought down from the storage unit and moved to the rooms you will use them in. 

It will not be easy to complete the above steps, as they require much effort and time. However, by preparing your home and organizing it before winter begins, you will be able to enjoy peace of mind. If you wish to rent self-storage units or utilize a moving service, contact us at UAE Storages, our storage company in Dubai, for more information.