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Published on September 8, 2021

storaging summer stuff with moving company in Dubai

Summer is one of the most productive seasons of the year. The ample sunshine and calm weather make it ideal for vacations, shopping, parties, and even garage sales. Therefore, you will likely gather items that will not be required for a long time. Your home may also become cluttered and disorganized due to the constant flurry of activity. Hence, when the holidays come to an end, you will have to clean your residence. This task may seem impressive; however, it will be easy with a few professional tips and the help of movers

Always clean your living room first

If there is a room in your home that is guaranteed to accumulate clutter and become untidy quickly, it’s the living room. It is so because the room acts as a space for everyone in your home to relax. Therefore, they may keep things out of place and even spill items without realizing it.

Unfortunately, suppose the living room is cluttered. In that case, it can make your entire home seem disorganized as this space takes up a significant portion of your home and is constantly within sight. Not only is this demotivating, but it can also create a negative impression if guests come over. Therefore, experts suggest beginning your cleaning process with the living room first. Once the room looks tidy, you will feel more at peace and driven to complete other chores. 

Clean after the pets

If you own pets, likely, you would not have found the time to clean up after them during the holidays. Therefore, before your schedule becomes hectic due to work, ensure that everything they use is clean. You can use a lint roller or a vacuum cleaner to remove fur from fabrics. Litter boxes need to be washed and dried so that they will not contaminate other surfaces. If you use leashes and harnesses during the summer, ensure they are cleaned as instructed and put aside. 

Deep clean your furniture in every room

Deep cleaning is not an easy task. Therefore, it is not recommended to clean all your furniture within one day. Not only is it highly tiring, but it can also be demotivating and stressful. Therefore, approach them room by room. You should sanitize the furnishings in one place before heading to the other. And if you feel tired, take a break and schedule the rest for the next day. Trying to power through could result in fatigue and may even lead to injury.

Pack away your summer accessories and items

It is unlikely you will require pool toys and beach towels when you work in the office; therefore, there is no reason to keep them in your rooms. Instead, make sure to pack what you don’t need in boxes and put them away. It will give you more space in your cupboards and ensure the items are safe until you need them again. 

It needs to be mentioned that you should also put away any furniture that is not required until next summer. While you can keep them in a storeroom or an attic at your home, there is a chance of damage if they are bulky. Therefore, it is better to send them to a storage unit. If it is difficult to drop them off yourself, you could hire furniture movers to do it for you.

The above solutions can help you clean your home and keep it organized so that the space will be functional for the year ahead. Remember that you can use services to make tasks easier; hence, if you find it challenging to complete a task, enlist additional help. If you wish to hire a mover or rent a storage unit, contact our storage company in Dubai for more information.