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Published on June 8, 2021

Storage facilities in Dubai are the perfect solution to a problem that most people face—lack of space. It is a well-known fact that residential properties in this city are expensive. Unless a person is significantly wealthy, apartments and houses will be limited in size. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people choose to store their belongings in an external unit. To make the best use of the area, one needs to select the items they plan to keep with care. We will examine how this can be done in this blog.

Organize all the belongings

The best way to ensure that one chooses the correct items to be sent to storage is to go through every room and declutter it. Organize belongings into three piles; things frequently needed, things that need to be discarded, items that are rarely used but necessary. 

The first category is better kept at home as it can be a hassle to keep going and to and fro from the storage company to retrieve them. The second one needs to be recycled, sent to thrift shops, or thrown away. The last category is what one should send to the external facility for safekeeping. 

Don’t store anything too valuable

While storage companies are very safe and secure, they are not suitable for anything precious, like expensive jewellery. If something happens and one cannot pay their monthly fee or access their belongings, their items may be at risk. 

Suppose a person does not pay their monthly payments and does not withdraw their items on time. In that case, the contents may be put up for auction so the company can recover any losses incurred.

Store bulky furniture or equipment

Many tend to think they can only store small containers of items in a unit. However, it is possible to keep huge furniture or equipment, but they must be securely packed to avoid any damage when being transported. If it is possible, these items can be disassembled for more accessible storage.

Storing these items in a facility will free up a lot of floor space that can be used for other things.  

Check if any item requires a climate-controlled environment

It can be challenging to control the warmth and humidity in one’s residence. Not all places are equipped with hi-tech temperature control. Therefore, items that need to be kept in a specific environment may not be safe at home. It is best to move these items to a storage facility.

Collectables and artwork have much value but can easily get damaged if the environment is not suitable for them. Storage units have climate-control facilities available to ensure that these items are kept in optimum condition always to be valuable. 

It might be tempting to store many things in a storage company; however, that is not feasible as the unit’s price will increase proportionally to its size. Also, if a space is too crowded, the possibility of damage significantly increases. Therefore, when storing items, an individual needs to pay attention to the above to utilize the area correctly.