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Published on August 15, 2021

Moving to a new emirate in the UAE can be an exciting moment in your life. There is a new future ahead filled with interesting opportunities and a different local culture. However, before you start loading your belongings into the moving truck, you need to prepare for the packing that awaits you. Preparation is key to a smooth move. You need to ensure that you do every component properly, from using suitable materials to renting a storage unit in Dubai. Only then can you transition to your new life without stress. Therefore, let us take a close look at how you should prepare.

Make a plan

If you dive straight into packing without a prior plan, it is a disaster waiting to happen. You will not be able to utilize time correctly as you will need to go back and forth between packages and change things if you face problems. You may also run out of supplies causing further delays and leaving your belongings vulnerable to damage.

Therefore, once you decide to move, you need to plan what you are going to do. Try to research the suitable packing methods to use for your belongings to be safe throughout the moving process. You should also decide how you will sort through your items and which ones you will take with you to the new home, keep in storage units, and sell or donate. Furthermore, you need to pick suitable labeling techniques for your things that will make unpacking easier.

Source packing materials

Before you start packing, you need to have all your packing materials ready at hand. It will save you ample time and ensure that the process can go smoothly without a hitch. You need to keep in mind that if others are also involved in packing and sharing the same tools, then a lot of time will be wasted finding and retrieving the materials. Therefore, you need to have duplicates. Each person should ideally have their materials; however, if this is not possible, try to ensure you have the minimum amount to avoid delays.

Rent a storage unit

If you are planning to keep things in self-storage in Dubai, you need to make sure to rent the space before you pack items. It could be challenging to obtain a suitable unit for your needs on the day of your move, resulting in renting incorrectly sized units for your items. Some facilities may also require some types to be packed a certain way. Therefore, you need to know these requirements beforehand so you can avoid having to repack later on. 

Book the movers early

Most people often fail to hire their mover ahead of time and struggle to find one when the moving day is close. Your items need to be transported safely, and your vehicle will not be adequate for the task. Therefore, once you have decided the date, speak to moving companies you are interested in and hire the right one. Some movers may also be unwilling to accept certain items unless they are packed in a specific manner; therefore, knowing this before you start packing will help avoid unnecessary stress later on.

Before you start packing, you can find out crucial information and use the proper techniques to save you much time and effort. To find out more information on the services our storage company in Dubai provides, make sure to contact us at UAE Storages.