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Published on June 7, 2022

When it comes to storing fine art and antiques, extreme caution is required. Fine art should be handled with care because of its high value and delicacy. You’ll need an environment that is tailored for your valuables with a high level of protection.

Do not store in a non-temperature controlled unit

Climate-controlled storage is essential for storing art. When canvases get exposed to the heat and humidity, they tend to tighten, stretch or loosen up, resulting in paint peeling and flaking. For example, a wax-based art piece won’t survive the summer temperature. Excessive humidity will cause mold to grow on the artwork. opt for a climate-controlled storage unit to keep your art cool and collected in a stable environment.

Wear gloves

When handling fine art, always wear gloves all the time. Use white cotton gloves and avoid powdered latex gloves at all costs when handling art. Avoid touching art directly because your hands naturally produce an acidic fluid that keeps your skin flexible and healthy but wreaks havoc on other things. When an art piece is touched with bare hands, the oils and perspiration of your fingers leave dirt and residues. It is difficult to clean out oils without causing further damage to the artifact, and they remain in place permanently.


Your fine arts security should be a key priority. These objects are horrendously overpriced, sentimental, and impossible to replace or ever get. Select a storage facility that is safe, dependable, and equipped with different security measures. You should be the only one who can access your storage unit.

Do not roll your art

You might feel compelled to coil your unframed artwork or larger images and keep them in this manner. You do not want to do this since artwork might be damaged if rolled up for an extended period. This method of wrapping up artwork and putting it in a tube should be used just for transit or for a brief period. It is advisable to store your paintings flat to avoid compromising structural integrity. Also, keep in mind not to stack parts and to maintain each object stored separately.

Clean the art before storage

Before you store your art, you carefully and professionally clean it. The artwork must be in excellent condition before being kept to avoid damage and discolouration. Leather and wood should be treated with an appropriate polish before wiping everything down. Once everything is clean, the artwork should be packed well in acid-free storage material and stored. Paintings are sensitive to moisture and cannot be cleaned with water and soap, no matter how delicate your cleaning solution is. Instead, use a soft duster with gentle and precise strokes to avoid chipping off loose paint flakes while cleaning a dirty painting. If necessary, you can also take your piece to a professional restorer.

Keep away from direct sunlight

Direct sunlight and harsh lighting affect fine art and antiques. Light can deform, discolour tarnish, and fade your artwork. Keep your stored art away from direct sunlight by storing it in a cool, dry, and dimly lit location.

Do not stack

The art piece should be placed upright rather than stacked on the floor to avoid pressure on the canvas. Horizontal stacking of canvases can cause the canvas to loosen and droop over time. Never lay your painting on the concrete floor, as it might absorb dampness and cause damage.

Do not use bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is great, especially for wrapping up pictures, mirrors, and any fragile items. When it comes to paintings, especially oil paintings, you should avoid bubble wrap coming into direct contact with the painting surface. This is especially important in hot weather since bubble wrap might leave an imprint on the paint, ruining your oil painting.

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