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Published on July 18, 2021

Summer is well and truly underway in Dubai, and while everyone prepares to enjoy the warm weather and their holiday, their storage needs start changing. Knowing how to adapt to seasonal changes is crucial to saving time, room, and money. By successfully transforming the space, you will maximize efficiency and live in a home that makes you feel relaxed, content, and happy. Therefore, we will examine how you can approach the requirements for different seasons with ease. All you need is a storage unit and some handy guidance. 

Putting away inessential seasonal clothes

When the season changes from one to another, the item that quickly becomes temporarily obsolete is clothes. Seasonal clothes are not interchangeable as they can significantly affect your level of comfort. Thick jackets will make you feel warm and stuffy in Dubai’s summer heat. Likewise, thin summer dresses will be downright harmful during winter. Therefore, when you keep them inside your closet, they will take up space and make finding the outfits you need more difficult. 

You should pack them away and keep them stored until the need arises. Then, if you have a storeroom, place them on a high shelf. If you don’t, you can hand them over to us so we can put them away in our self-storage facilities. 

Storing seasonal or festive decorations

Nothing can spruce up a home and make it look fantastic for a festival or a season other than decorations. They can make a space look inviting and festive. However, once the period is over, they can look tacky and out of place if they remain where they are. Therefore, you need to remove them and store them away in a secure space until the next time they are required. 

Our storage units have a wide range of sizes; therefore, you do not have to worry about a lack of space when storing your decorations. Even large and bulky pieces can be kept safely as the units have a significant vertical length. The facilities are also not exposed to any elements, so your items will not erode or become damaged due to moisture or dust. They will remain in the same condition, and only aging will cause wear. 

Changing the size of your storage unit

During summer, items you usually have stored, such as jet skis or pool accessories, may need to be kept in your home for easy access. While you can hold onto your storage unit, in case there is nothing much left within it, you have the option to downsize. There is no use paying a high rental charge for a large space you may not need for months. 

Therefore, we can arrange a different rental plan, and you can have a smaller unit until you need to upgrade again. The same can be done vice versa, where you can move to a larger space if more seasonal items need to be stored. Furthermore, as the payment plans are arranged on a monthly basis, changes can be accommodated with relative ease. 

Therefore, when the season changes and your storage needs change, you can adapt with ease and remain on the top of your game. If you wish to inquire about our storage space, contact us for more information.