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Published on March 15, 2021

If you are scared to open your wardrobe with the thought of falling things off the ground, it’s time to re-organize your closet. The problem with most people is the inadequate space in the wardrobe for all the fashion collections. Although the thought of clearing your wardrobe can be pretty intimidating, getting rid of unnecessary items from your closet will help you arrange a more organized space. This article discusses the best way to optimize your wardrobe through self-storage.

Wardrobe Collections

A round of shopping every month, especially after the salary day, is mandatory for many people. This regular shopping makes our wardrobe fully loaded, making it difficult to find clothes at a time. Certain people shop early for seasonal winter and summer clothes due to special discounts and offers. All these get piled up, making no room in your wardrobe and challenging to find your clothes.

To get rid of this pile and make use of your ultimate fashion collection, re-organizing the wardrobe is the ideal choice. You can bring space to your wardrobe by shifting the seasonal and unwanted clothing items to a self-storage unit.

What Is A Self-Storage Unit?

Storage companies facilitate self-storage units to give a secured and safe place to your extra belongings. These spaces are available in a range of 50-2000 square feet, where you can select your desired size

You can rent these spaces for longer and shorter periods while having access to them with a key whenever needed. A storage unit is ideal for keeping your clothes safely without causing damages and bring them back whenever needed,

Optimizing Your Wardrobe

To rearrange your wardrobe, start taking them off to the ground and arranging them into an order. Categorizing clothes will make it easy for you to decide the ones you need to keep and send to your selected storage space.

While you can keep your daily wearing items and a few items for special occasions, you can put the rest of your clothes under the following categories to make your store easier.

Party Wear – If you have a collection of party wear that you no longer wear, out of size, and plan to donate for a while, put them into one box and label accordingly for future reference.

Seasonal Clothes  – These are the ones that steal more space from your wardrobe. Get rid of those heavy, fluffy jackets and keep them safely in your self-storage until next season. This may also include traveling jackets and other items that you may take when you are traveling abroad.

Shoes And Accessories  – This is another reason for an overcrowded wardrobe. Look for the shoes and accessories that you wear only during special occasions or those no longer fitting for you to give away.

Bed Sheets / Curtains And Others  –  Every house is equipped with extra sheets, curtains, towels, pillowcases, and other clothing items that have never been used after the purchase. You can keep them in a storage place to keep the brand new quality and use them later.

Ensure to label your clothing boxes accordingly. If you found a few items that don’t fit you anymore, separate them in a box named “donations” to give away later.

If you are looking to optimize your wardrobe or get rid of additional items in your home, contact UAE Storages for premier storing options. Our high secured and safety procedures will ensure your items will be unaffected from dust, pests, or temperature throughout the storing duration. Contact us now or browse through our website for more information.