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Published on May 17, 2022

Whether you are looking for a storage unit for the short term or long, there are things that you should look out for before booking and paying for the storage unit. Always make sure you do your homework when searching for a possible storage facility.


Security will always come first to make sure the facility is well secured. Check out for CCTV cameras and security personnel at the facility and be guaranteed that no other person can have access to your unit. Then sit at home and relax after knowing that your items are secure. It’s good to always inquire about the facility before renting a storage unit.


Why pay for the space you don’t require? Before you book and pay for your storage unit, calculate the space size as precisely as possible and pay for the space required. Pack most of the items in cartons since cartons can be easily stacked together to save space. You can create more space in your unit by adding shelves to create more vertical space.


Access should be a concern when renting out a self-storage unit. You must be allowed to access your storage unit anytime you need to use it. Some storage units operate around the clock plus on weekends too. That should be an ideal unit just in case something comes up so urgently when you need to add or take an item from your storage unit.


Reading online reviews is still the best way of getting honest information about almost any company out there. It should not be different from the storage unit where you plan to store your items. Go ahead and look it up on the internet and read the reviews to get insight through the experience of other previous customers and see whether you can make a decision based on that.


Before paying for a self-storage unit, always check around and compare the prices. Not to be overcharged for the same unit size that you can find somewhere else for a less amount. Always check for discounts and ongoing promotions. Check out UAE Storages to rent a self-storage unit in Dubai


You can store many things but not everything! It’s always better to consult the management about the stuff you are planning to keep before you pay for your storage unit not to find yourself bringing in items that are prohibited. You might as well go through this blog all the items you should never store in your self-storage unit and get more insight on the matter.


Storage units should always be kept clean. You should ensure it’s well maintained, cleaned, and pest free. Pests are the main threat to a storage unit. Keep in mind, never store food items in your storage unit because food attracts pests.


Insurance coverage varies from storage to storage. Always ask for details concerning the insurance and choose the one that works for you. Most policies generally cover your personal belongings against several kinds of loss or damage.


You should consider a unit in a very safe place for you and your items. Look for a location with a good road network for easy accessibility to your storage unit. The storage unit shouldn’t be too far away from you.

At UAE Storages, we have dedicated professional staffs to assist you in every step from getting a free quote, to securing and maintaining your storage space. We also help in moving and packing your belongings to the storage facility.