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Published on April 28, 2022

Different storage units have different rules for what you can and can not store in the storage units. If you are planning to get a storage unit, you might as well double-check not to find yourself bringing in the following items.


Live Plants

Plants need sunlight and water to grow well. It is never suggested or allowed to store the plants in self-storage. Even if it is an indoor plant, it is not allowed in a storage unit as it might put the plant in danger. The best way to store your plant is to give those to any local nursery. They can take care of your plants. They might do it for free, as it won’t cost much to take care of these lovely plants.



You should always avoid storing food products in your unit. The food will get spoiled over time, and it might put the whole facility in danger of foul smells and pests. But there are some exceptions like Dry Fruits, which have relatively higher shelf-life and are allowed to be stored in some self-storage. It should be in an airtight container before storing.



There are strict rules and regulations regarding the number of laboratory chemicals one can store. So it is always recommended to consult the authority before you acquire them. Strong acids like Sulfuric acid, Nitric Acid can cause damage to the metals and space around them when stored in a self-storage facility. It is not allowed to store harmful laboratory chemicals in self-storage facilities.


Illegal Goods

A self-storage should never be turned into a vault for storing illegal items. Most criminals nowadays use the opportunity to store stolen or smuggled goods in the units. They might later deny the ownership of the goods when it gets caught by the authority.
Illegal goods like narcotics, pirated content, counterfeit currencies, etc. which are banned by the government are not allowed in any storage facility.


Valuable Items

In all places, a storage unit should never be a place to store your valuable items, like money, jewellery, precious stones, etc. You should never keep your documents like IDs, Educational Certificates, or government documents in the self-storage facility. The facility management will deny taking responsibility for these valuables if it goes missing.


Flammable Items or Liquids

Flammable items & liquids like Aerosol Cans, and Gasoline, should always be avoided and left out when thinking of a self-storage unit. It is to keep every storage unit as safe as possible. But if you ever have a plan to store such products, never hesitate to contact storage management as some facilities might have dedicated storage space for these items.


Guns and Ammunition

Always avoid bringing weapons like guns, explosives and ammunition for storage. Most facilities will never allow the storage of these items in their storage units. If you plan on storing weapons in your storage unit, it is recommended to get clearance from customs and relevant authorities. You should also disclose these items and take permission from the facility management. They might consider your request and provides you with a dedicated secure storage unit.


At UAE Storages, we value our customers and guarantee that our customer’s belongings are stored safely in our storage facility. we have very strict rules and regulations on the items that can be stored at our facility, so our customers are assured of the safety of their storage space. Know more here

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