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Published on October 15, 2021

The moving process can be hectic and stressful. It presents several problems that you need to solve correctly to ensure that the experience is not overwhelming or has significant complications. One such obstacle you will face is the flooring and carpets due to the constant shuffling of feet and items being laid upon or dragged on the floor. Fabric can tear or become stained, and wood could be scraped or damaged. If a floor is ruined, it could be expensive to fix and restore. It can also affect property value. Even if you hire a moving company in Dubai, you could still guarantee maximum protection by using the right tactics. To ensure the safety of your flooring, in this article, we will explore what they are.

Pack items light 

Dragging heavy boxes or furniture on flooring is the worst thing you can do. It could severely damage the floor and even scrape or scratch it. Instead, you should try to carry objects wherever it is possible. You should ensure that boxes are light and easy to move. It is generally recommended to keep them below five kilograms so that you can carry them with ease. If you have furniture or equipment, it is best to disassemble them if it is possible and then take them using your hands to the moving vehicle. 

Use floor runner or rugs 

Even if you opt to carry your items, there is still a chance that the flooring could be damaged by falling objects or shuffling feet. If this is the case, you should use floor runners or old rugs to protect the floor. There are moving quality runners available in retail stores and packaging warehouses. They are self-adhesive, so they will not shift unnecessarily. 

Use furniture sliders

Furniture sliders create a barrier between the floor and the furniture. They are commonly used for tables, desks and chair legs and come in various shapes and sizes. Once fitted onto furniture, you can move them over carpets and wooden flooring without causing damage. It is generally recommended to use them for bulky objects you cannot carry safely. If you have difficulty sourcing these, you should contact our movers in Dubai, who will fit them onto your furniture before they are moved.

Use shoe covers or socks

Shoes can cause significant damage to wooden floors. In addition, they could transfer dirt and cause skid marks. Hence, you should ensure that everyone is wearing shoe covers. These are cost-effective and will provide the soles of the shoes do not make contact with the ground. If it is difficult to find them, you can opt for socks with sufficient grip. 

The above ways could be incredibly helpful in protecting your flooring. Therefore, when you are preparing to move, try to utilize them. Also, make sure to contact our storage company in Dubai if you wish to find out more information regarding how to protect your home during a move or want to hire a moving service.