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Published on June 22, 2021

Office relocation can be a daunting experience. One needs to move all the employees, equipment, documents, electronics, and furnishings. The process can be made even more stressful by the sheer value most of them possess, so they need to be packed with immense care. The key to a hassle-free experience is clear-cut planning and organization, and that’s where a checklist comes in. This blog will explore the most important things it should include so that no matter where an item is destined to go—to the new location, a storage company, or the recycling center—they will be secure and not at risk of damage. 

Purchase packing supplies

Packing supplies are essential when organizing items and making them ready for transportation. It is better to have everything one needs before one begins sorting through things, as it will allow the process to go smoothly without any delay. A word of advice is always to have more supplies than what is believed to be needed; therefore, a person will not have to purchase items midway through prep. 

Organize the items

Before one starts packing, they need to organize all the items into specific piles: what needs to be moved to the new location, what needs to be sent to storage, thrift shops/recycling centers, and to be discarded. It is less time-consuming to sort the objects into these categories while one declutters instead of doing it at different stages. It will also be helpful to request a few employees to pack the items in most of the piles securely and place them in boxes. 

Label all the boxes

Labeling each box is essential to know what its contents are. It can help avoid any confusion, and a person would not have to unpack each one to find a specific item. Additionally, it will make it easier for the moving company to keep the containers in the correct space to be easier to locate when the new office is being organized.

Purchase a storage unit

Booking a storage unit is vital to the moving process. If the new office is not yet completed, the items will need to be kept in a secure environment. Also, suppose some things are necessary but rarely used. In that case, it is easier and efficient to store them in a storage facility than let them take up precious room in the business premises. 

Therefore, once a person has a rough estimate of how many things need to be stored, speak to a company and make sure to purchase a unit.

Take what is unnecessary to the thrift shop or recycling center

This is an essential component that needs to be in a checklist, and the reason is simple. There is no use in transporting objects that are no longer required to the new location or storage facility. They will take up unnecessary space, collect dust, and eventually be discarded. Instead, it is better to remove the item now. If the item has some value, it can be resold. Otherwise, it can be given to thrift shops or recycling centers. 

Packing checklists are essential to ensure that office relocation goes smoothly from start to finish and items are transported to storage companies and other places carefully. Therefore, make sure to follow the above and delegate tasks to ensure there will be no delay.