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Published on June 1, 2022

Growing your business means taking advantage of every opportunity available to you. Even though we usually identify storage facilities for personal or private use, storage units are capable of helping small businesses improve their overall operations in multiple ways.

  • Inventory Storage

As your business and customer base grows, the amount of inventory you will start keeping on hand is going to rise as well. With the availability of a storage unit, a business will store surplus merchandise that it may require in the future. It is also great for a small business that deals in seasonal products like summer or winter clothes, or Christmas and New Year decorations, which will take advantage of seasonal sales without having to purchase expensive inventory upfront. Without sufficient storage, you may be purchasing business supplies in small amounts to keep your business from getting overloaded, but this may be preventing you from taking advantage of great deals and lower prices. Buying items in bulk can be a big money saver.

  • Affordability

Storage units have lower rental rates compared to commercial buildings. Renting a storage unit is more cost-effective than you might think. Whether you need a storage unit for a month or a longer period, storage facilities offer month-to-month lease options. Simply use your unit for as long as you require it. A storage unit will help your business cut costs and save money where it matters most.

  • Staying Organized

A storage unit will help you declutter your business and make room for the things that matter. Decluttering can help you feel more organized and lead to a more efficient inventory management system. Most offices are filled with cabinets and files that are just not needed, but decluttering and keeping all the items that are not needed in the warehouse will make your employees feel less boxed in and hopefully more productive.

  • Safety and Security

When owning a business, keeping your inventory safe and secure should be one of your top priorities. Most storage units have 24/7 surveillance cameras and onsite security personnel. This makes it the ideal place to store all business-sensitive documents unaffected until you need them. This will reduce the stress and give you peace of mind knowing that your inventory and important paperwork are in a safe place.

  • Flexibility

One of the great things about most self-storage facilities is the flexibility of their contracts. With month-to-month leasing, self-storage is a flexible and convenient option for modern-day business owners. When renting a storage unit, you can increase or decrease the size of your space as your needs change. There is no lengthy contract and you should never be pressured into renting a unit longer than you need. Not to forget that most storage units operate around the clock. This is helpful in case you need to access your inventory at any time.

  • Climate Controlled

Due to the constant shift in temperature, businesses dealing in sensitive items like wood furniture, antiques, fine art, and musical instruments require climate-controlled storage for their inventory. Items like fine art, books, or business records can also be damaged due to the highs and lows of temperature change. Climate-controlled storage units are kept at a consistent temperature that is above freezing. Climate-controlled units play a big role in protecting a business’s inventory from harsh seasonal changes and weather-related mishaps.

  • Online Sales

A small business can convert the storage unit into an order fulfilment Centre for its products. A business can sell its products on sites like Amazon and use the storage unit to store whatever it is marketing. Most storage units operate around the clock making it suitable for a fulfilment Centre since you can easily and quickly get the item anytime a sale goes through.

UAE Storages provides flexible storage space, tailor-made for small business to increase their productivity. Our storage units are accessible 24/7 and monitored round-the-clock. Book or get a quote for your storage requirement in Dubai from UAE Storages here.